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Booking taxis with Baby Seats is an essential and thoughtful choice for caregivers and parents who desire to travel across the city with babies. These are specialized taxis that provide superior comfort for babies of all ages. Whether you’re travelling for doctor’s appointments, airport, family outings, or special occasions, opting for a baby seat taxi ensures the comfort and safety of babies. Do not hesitate to book the Wav Cabs Baby Seat Taxi for the luxury transportation of the babies.

The Benefits of Choosing Wav Cabs Baby Seat Taxi

Expert Installation: Our drivers are trained in the correct installation of baby seats, ensuring that they are properly secured in the vehicle. This expertise eliminates any guesswork, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable ride for your child.

Convenience and Comfort: Choosing Wav Cabs Baby Seat Taxi means convenience and comfort for both you and your child. Our vehicles are clean, spacious, and equipped with all the amenities to make your journey enjoyable.

Peace of Mind for Parents: As a parent, you can rest easy knowing that your child is securely fastened in a properly installed baby seat. This peace of mind allows you to focus on your journey, whether you’re heading to the airport, a doctor’s appointment, or simply running errands around town.

Specially Designed Seats

Baby Seat Taxis work with a commitment towards the comfort and safety of babies during travel. Taxi services like Wav Cabs go the extra mile and tailor seats that accommodate different age groups, such as toddlers, infants and Read More

Professional and Trained Drivers

Wav Cabs have specially trained drivers who are well-versed in proper driving techniques, traffic management, and handling babies of all ages. The drivers possess the mandatory skills and experience needed for safe and reliable Read More

Stress-Free Travel

Wav Cabs are reliable travel services that ensure the safety and comfort of customers and babies as their priority. Such taxi services follow strict traffic standards and ensure safety in every step of transportation with features like Read More

Age-Appropriate Seats

By choosing Wav Cabs baby seat services, parents have the liberty to choose the appropriate seats for their babies. We provide booster seats, toddler seats and baby capsule seats according to their ages. These seats guarantee reliability Read More

On-Demand Service

We are a highly demanded taxi service, especially in baby seat taxi service. We work towards offering safe and secure transportation for families across Sydney. We own a fleet of well-maintained vehicles with customized seats for babies of all age groups. We serve the needs of all parents looking to travel for their significant Read More

Baby Capsule Hire Sydney

We offer compliant baby capsules of high quality perfect for infants, toddlers and babies. The baby capsules are regularly maintained, cleaned and sanitized, which meets safety standards and permits parents to travel stress-free. If you’re planning a long trip or a short trip, book Wav Cabs baby capsule services for happy outings.

It Is Our Top Priority to Keep Your Child Safe at Wav Cabs!

Wav Cabs Baby Taxi Services Sydney considers safety as the first and foremost parameter in Taxi services. We understand the importance of child safety during travel; hence, we work fingers to the bone in providing customized seats for the safe and comfortable journey of babies. From capsules to booster seats, we have all categories of seats that cater to the needs of babies. Moreover, our trained drivers are experts in fixing these seats perfectly with safety belts. When you opt for Wav Cabs, you’re choosing a taxi service that cares for the well-being of your family.


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Professionally Trained Drivers

Sydney Airport Transfers with Child Seat

For parents looking for safe, convenient and stress-free transportation to the airport, Wav Cabs Sydney Airport Transfers with child seats is the best choice. Our crew understands the hassles and tensions that arise during travel to the airport with family. We provide ultimate baby seat taxis for airport transfers that reduce parent’s stress. We provide comfort and safety for babies as our priority. Moreover, our drivers take responsibility for luggage loading and unloading. These are the major factors that cause stress during travel. Our unique services impress customers, and passengers get started on their journey with a smile. Book Wav cabs and enjoy every mile of your journey with your baby.

Travelling With Kids Made Easier With Wav Cabs

The innumerable features of Wav Cabs are designed for the safety, comfort and convenience of parents. The best facets that make travelling with Wav Cabs easy are the categories of baby seats, safety features, expert drivers and sanitized vehicles. Travelling with ease and comfort makes any journey happy and brings confidence to parents. Wav Cabs has made travelling with babies easier with their best features. Book Wav cabs and relax during the journey with babies.

What Types Of Baby Seats Do We Offer?

Here are a few categories of baby seats offered by Wav Cabs. Choose the ones that best suit your baby and book the same when booking baby seat taxis.


Capsule Seats for newborns of 0 to infants of 6 months


Toddler seats for babies between 1 and 4 years


Rear-facing baby seats for infants 0 and babies of 2 years


Booster seats for kids from 4 to 7 years


How do I book a Baby Seat Taxi with Wav Cabs?

The best way is by downloading and using the Wav Cabs Just Taxi app for easy booking of Wav Cab taxis. Navigate to the Wav Cabs website, enter travel details and book your taxis. The final way is by calling 02 87 199 963 for cab booking.

Are the child seats suitable for infants and toddlers?

Wav Cabs provides capsule seats, toddler seats, booster seats and rear-facing baby seats according to age. Parents have the opportunity to choose seats that best fit their babies.

Is there an additional fee for the Baby Seat Taxi service?

Wav Cabs does not charge additional fees for baby taxi services. Our charges are always reasonable.

How far in advance should I book a Baby Seat Taxi?

Baby seat taxis can be booked a week in advance or three days in advance for confirmed bookings.

Can I use my child's seat in a Wav Cabs taxi?

Taxi services provide the best and safest baby seats with safety locks appropriate according to their age. Yes, you can use your baby seat, provided it is appropriate with safety locks for a safe journey.

Is the Baby Seat Taxi service available 24/7?

Yes, baby seat taxi services are available 24/7.