How much time we need to reach to you?

Within 15 minutes we are at your foot step. Give the exact location and address where we could reach easily.

What if we lost our any property in CAB?

Just follow our 3-step process click here contact us via email [email protected] or call us on 1300 928 793

How many people can fit in TAXI MAXI?

Maxi Van or Cabs Can Fit Up To 11 People From 2 People. Booking A Taxi Maxi Sydney? Choose Your Maxi Cab with Operator Before.

Can we pre booked your taxi services?

Yes you can booked your taxi before time without any extra charges. You can book our taxi services as many times you want to avail good services just call us on 1300 928 793.

Can we rely on your punctuality?

Yes you don’t need to worry about being late. WAV CABS first rule is to be punctual and safe.

What about your drivers are they experienced?

We hire our drivers after full training and test. We make sure your safe and reliable experiences by guiding our drivers and giving them proper guidance.


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