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The Lock-Down Restrictions are being enforced by the Point to Point Commission. As the Network we are obliged to maintain records and report all Covid 19 Testing results of Drivers, and of the Sanitization actions on Taxis. Please take all precautions to protect yourselves in these times.

  1. Log on and scan the QR Code if you are going to drive.
  2. If you live in a Restricted Local Government Area (LGA) you cannot leave the LGA unless you are taking an Authorised Passenger out of the LGA for Emergency-related work.
  3. Having dropped you must return to your area immediately. You cannot take a Return Trip Booking.
  4. Our Network Policy is that all Working Drivers get a Covid Test every three days (72 hours), and report back the results to Wav Cabs immediately – Positive or Negative.
  5. If it’s Positive we will tell you what to do next.
  6. We strongly advise that if you have a job into the Restricted LGA’S, you get out as soon as you drop, and DO NOT LEAVE the Taxi when in the area.
  7. Wipe down all possible touched surfaces after each trip with proper cleaning materials.
  8. Have the Taxi Sanitized at least once a day at one of the FREE Sanitization Locations – and keep the record.
  9. Practice COVID SAFE Taxi Driving:  QR Codes    Safe Distancing    Ventilation   Sanitization
  10. Logoff and scan the QR Code when you finish the Shift

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