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Many protesters have come today on Macquarie Street, Sydney to show their dissatisfaction with the onset of the RideShare companies in the market impacting the taxi industry. The drivers have many opinions to share and urge the government to support them and thereby leading to the growth of the Australian economy instead of letting the foreign companies make money by stumbling the local taxi industry. One among the many opinions shared by the drivers is to make the local taxi industry thrive so that no driver needs to be dependent on the Centre link payment and can earn their own wage whereas helping the government in utilizing the funds for the greater good. Some of the other slogans taken up by the drivers were

“$50 For 12 Hour Shift IS SLAVERY”

“Fair go for Taxi Industry”

“Cabbies in crisis and poverty”

“Not a hand-out-a-life-line”

“Level playing field for TAXI”




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