Operate a cab with us / Join your taxi to our fleet:

Why us? / Why to join WavCabs?

  • WavCabs is one of Sydney’s most well-known transport provider.
  • We have a wide range of business contacts, including partnerships with major hotels and restaurants, as well as access to exclusive booking opportunities.
  • We also work with NDIS providers, businesses and government agencies that have Cab-charge accounts or Discount coupons. Your WavCabs Operator Account will be debited on a weekly basis for these trips.

Other Benefits / Reasons to join us:

  • Operate Account to keep up with your cars trips
  • 24/7 support service
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Latest mobile applications
  • Be part of Driver partner events

Why to become an operator?

In New South Wales, only registered commercial passenger vehicles are permitted to perform commercial passenger vehicle services. You need to own a car and register it with service NSW to use it to provide taxi services.

Operator to do list:


  • Allows you to add payment account
  • Requires you to pay monthly network fee
  • Allow WavCabs to install gadgets in your car as per Transport NSW guidelines
  • Allows the taxi to receive jobs from the dispatch system
  • Vehicle Registration
  • ABN Number
  • Vehicle Insurance