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Australia’s oldest and most beautiful destination, Sydney is a very impressive mix of land and sea. Whether gliding across the glittering harbor of a ferry or admiring the graceful arch of Harbor Bridge, Sydney has something for everyone.

Always bubbly with the adventurous history of its former settlers, Sydney helps you explore its rich and diverse past. Apart from that, the tourist spots here display an idyllic balance between monuments, architecture, skyline, etc. Book Taxi From

As you explore Sydney, you can enjoy and climb the bridge, find solace in the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the beaches, and treat your eyes to a scenic tour.

To create a good balance between all of the city’s highlights, we make sure you make your job of compiling the Sydney Bucket List a bit easier.

Here is a list of Sydney attractions that will help you plan your itinerary for a rewarding travel experience:

top 7 sydney tourist placesSydney opera

An architectural marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sydney Opera House is the city’s most iconic building. A state-of-the-art performing arts center, it is recognized worldwide as a Sydney attraction.

As well as being an opera house, the site includes restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, studios, theaters, retail outlets, and much more to explore. You can easily take advantage of the maxi taxis facilities to reach this beautiful destination on the outskirts of the city.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Can you imagine the view of the metropolis 134m above the waters of Sydney? Legally climb the world’s largest steel arch bridge for unparalleled views. It’s as safe as it sounds fun.

On your 3.5-hour ascent of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, your climb leader will share fascinating facts about the bridge with you. Those who wish to experience the less adventurous view of the place can visit the Pylon Lookout Museum which is on the east side of the bridge.

Did you know that the bridge is made of 6 million manually driven rivets?

The rocks Sydney

The district of rocks meets all the needs of tourists. From shopping and street food, to the city’s oldest pub and over 100 heritage sites, this is a complete destination. The Rocks narrow paved trails will satisfy anyone and everyone who wants to travel.

You can also visit many museums scattered around the tourist area. The Rock Discovery Museum traces the beautiful transformation of aboriginal lands into slums and tourist hotspot.

Sydney Tower

At one thousand and seventy-three feet above sea level, this breathtaking destination in Sydney is the tallest structure offering 360-degree views of the metropolis and surrounding countryside. The place rises 850 feet above ground level and has an enclosed observation deck for a safe and elaborate view.

The place is well equipped with three dining rooms, a revolving restaurant and a 4D cinema which enhances the theater experience with unique features like wind and bubble. Reaching this booming building is made easy with Wav Cabs service.

Bondi beach

A mile-long stretch of golden land bordered by red-tiled houses, apartments and green spaces, Bondi Beach is located not far from Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD).

The beach attracts everyone from swimmers to surfers and sunbathers. It is well equipped with changing rooms with an area full of bars, cafes and shops.

Taronga Zoo

To get a close-up view of native Australian creatures, Taronga Zoo is a must-see Sydney attraction. Not only can the natives of Australia, but also animals around the world be captured in the frames of your camera.

After reaching the zoo with a nice maxi taxi ride, your entry to the zoo can be reached by a gondola ride. Your images from this safari experience are sure to set your Instagram on fire.

Darling Harbor

This Sydney tourist attraction has its neighborhood filled with restaurants, shops, exhibits and museums that add value to your visit. From the Power House Museum to the replica of Captain Cook’s ship, the place is a treat for history buffs and travel enthusiasts.

You can reach this destination by booking Maxi Cabs Wav Cabs and seek tranquility in the greens of the Chinese Garden of Friendship. To have a truly unforgettable experience of your trip to Sydney, everything from wav cabs.

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